Need to rent commercial kitchen space?

The Craft Kitchen

2963 W 15th St. #2979, Plano, TX 75075

ph: 469-666-7651

The Craft Kitchen his a fully licensed commercial kitchen that will allow your business to sell food to the public, sell your product at a farmer's market, dump your water if you own a food truck, or be a way to cook, host, or cater a large event. The Craft Kitchen has 5 commercial kitchen spaces available to rent so if you make the most incredible salsa, fruit pie or anything between, The Craft Kitchen can help you get started. Perhaps you're a caterer, a chef, a food truck owner, or a home baker. Let The Craft Kitchen help jump start your food based business.

Anyone can use the kitchen spaces but if you're a food based business, the following are required:

Kitchen Reservation System

Please use the links below to reserve your kitchen space.

Kitchen Space #1

Kitchen Space #2

Kitchen Space #3

Kitchen Space #4

Kitchen Space #5